Intensive, applied, effective.

The GREAT Project is centered around unique course design. Our courses are not like other gender trainings. We go far beyond gender sensitization, equipping researchers from diverse backgrounds with the skills to design and deliver research projects that result in better adoption, and more equitable and impactful results for the communities they serve.

We offer two styles of courses to fit your needs. The GREAT Cohort Courses are rigorous trainings that equip participants with applied theory and hands-on skills. The GREAT Custom Courses allow your organization or project to train larger groups of researchers in a cost-effective manner, helping effective gender-responsive research become the norm, not the exception.

No matter which course you choose, our trainings are centered around intensive, interdisciplinary learning. GREAT courses are designed to make it easier for researchers to incorporate gender into their projects. We demystify gender and provide social and biophysical scientists the theory, knowledge, tools and analytical approaches they need to bring gender into their research programs in a more grounded, realistic manner. Participants walk away better equipped to work together to increase adoption rates, and deliver equitable results that benefit men, women and children, across different crop value chains.

Whether through a GREAT Cohort Course or a GREAT Custom Course, we can help train your institution’s or your project’s researchers to be more effective.

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We demystify gender to provide social and biophysical scientists the
theory, knowledge, tools and analytical approaches they need to bring gender into their research programs in a more grounded, realistic manner.




  1. Self realization, conceptual clarity, and interdisciplinarity
  2. Methodology: qualitative and quantitative
  3. Research question and case study
  4. Impact assessment and participatory methods


  1. Data analysis and reporting
  2. Communication to policy makers and communities
  3. Institutional transformation

Field Work Phase

  1. Research planning and field data collection

The training has enriched my understanding of the practice of gender inclusion. It is not merely having women and men participating, it is considering the interaction between the two outside of the project, and identifying potential opportunities that we can use to achieve the goals of the project.

Aman Bonaventure OmondiEpidemiologist, GREAT Fellow, Burundi

GREAT has this unique combination of qualitative trainers, quantitative trainers and even the analytical thinking is actually quite unique....dealing with many teams over time, they’ve gained a competency around contextualizing gender issues that is quite unique that we should tap to as a community in development.

Esther Njuguna-MungaiGREAT Client, Tropical Legumes III Custom Course Gender Specialist, ICRISAT, Kenya

Excellent experience in the last 9 days! Absolutely renewing….. Feeling out of my traditional comfort zone.”

Williams EsumaPlant breeder at National Agricultural Research Organization

That ‘no one is an island’ is a common African adage, with the implication that nobody can achieve anything by working on their own. Multi-disciplinary research is key to achieving the GREAT vision of enabling researchers to undertake more inclusive research projects in order to create effective agricultural systems that address the priorities of men and women throughout Africa.

Bernice WaweruGREAT Fellow, Cereal Grains Cohort Course; and molecular breeder, KALRO, Kenya

GREAT is beyond great, it is a place where we do not learn to read and write but learn, unlearn and relearn.

Eileen NchanjiGender Specialist at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Kenya


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GREAT is centered around intensive, interdisciplinary training courses. We offer two training options to transform your research.


These rigorous, three-part courses equip participants with applied theory and hands-on skills. We teach ways to incorporate gender-responsive research into existing projects and backstop the lessons with dedicated field trainer support.


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Our second style of trainings, custom courses have key elements of the GREAT cohort course but allow for greater flexibility. The courses target mixes of social scientists and biophysical scientists conducting ongoing research into which they will immediately apply the gender skills they have acquired.

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GREAT’s training team draws from experts around the world, and brings deep expertise in areas including plant breeding, gender theory, community development, sociology, communications, monitoring and evaluation, participatory research, rural development, etc.