A holistic approach to transform how gender is integrated into agricultural research

Our rigorous, three-part courses equip participants with applied theory and hands-on skills. We teach ways to incorporate gender-responsive research into existing projects and backstop the lessons with dedicated field trainer support.

Through the GREAT training, I learned about a wider aspect of gender. The relationship between gender and plant breeding and how it all connected to my work on traditional sorghum conservation intrigued me even more.

Martha BusingeGraduate student and a GREAT Fellow from the Gender-Responsive Cereal Grains Breeding Course

The Gender-Responsive Plant Breeding Course has helped me to always use a gender lens in a range of activities including developing product profiles, formulating interventions and writing proposals.

Ramakrishnan M. NairGREAT Fellow, Plant breeding Course (Cohort 4) Regional Director - South Asia: Global Plant breeder -Legumes South Asia/ Central Asia World Vegetable Centre

Being part of the GREAT team has provided me with the opportunity not only to interact with breeders, especially bean breeders, but also to understand the science of breeding through a gender lens.

Siri Bella NgohGender Specialist, Cameroon, Institute of Agricultural Research for Development (IRAD)

Excellent experience in the last 9 days! Absolutely renewing….. Feeling out of my traditional comfort zone.

Williams EsumaPlant breeder at National Agricultural Research Organization


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The GREAT Project is centered around intensive, interdisciplinary training courses.

Course 1: Roots, Tubers, and Banana


Course 2: Cereal Grains


Course 3: Legumes


Course 4: Plant Breeding


Course 5: Crop Breeding


Advanced Course: Plant Breeding and Seed Systems for South Asia