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Equipping researchers to create more inclusive and effective agricultural systems.

Considering gender in agricultural research requires not just applying the right tools, but thinking differently. GREAT guides scientists to take new approaches to their research and to deliver equitable outcomes for all genders. We combine theory and practice into a dynamic package, ensuring that learning is practical, grounded and applied. We support efforts to intelligently design research projects that maximize impact for all.

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GREAT delivers courses to agricultural researchers in the theory and practice of gender-responsive research, seeking to increase opportunities for equitable participation and the sharing of benefits from agricultural research and improve the outcomes for smallholder women farmers, entrepreneurs, and farmer organizations across sub-Saharan Africa. 

Our rigorous courses equip participants with applied theory and hands-on skills. We teach ways to incorporate gender-responsive research into existing projects and backstop the lessons with dedicated field trainer support.

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Research from our Community of Practice is aimed at deepening gender responsive and transformative research across Africa and beyond.

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The Gender-Responsive Plant Breeding Course has helped me to always use a gender lens in a range of activities including developing product profiles, formulating interventions and writing proposals.

Ramakrishnan M. NairGREAT Fellow, Plant breeding Course (Cohort 4) Regional Director - South Asia: Global Plant breeder -Legumes South Asia/ Central Asia World Vegetable Centre

GREAT has this unique combination of qualitative trainers, quantitative trainers and even the analytical thinking is actually quite unique....dealing with many teams over time, they’ve gained a competency around contextualizing gender issues that is quite unique that we should tap to as a community in development.

Esther Njuguna-MungaiGREAT Client, Tropical Legumes III Custom Course Gender Specialist, ICRISAT, Kenya

I will share all the learnings and this new experience with my colleagues because I believe gender is a topic that everyone on the team should know.

Dorah Mwenyefrom Zambia

Excellent experience in the last 9 days! Absolutely renewing….. Feeling out of my traditional comfort zone.”

Williams EsumaPlant breeder at National Agricultural Research Organization

It has been a great week for us and everybody is talking about how transformative the course has been, how it has changed their perception of breeding, learning new things and looking at breeding with a new lens and what it takes to make the new shift.

Ranjitha PuskurTeam leader for International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Nairobi

GREAT is beyond great, it is a place where we do not learn to read and write but learn, unlearn and relearn.

Eileen NchanjiGender Specialist at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT) in Kenya


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Through the GREAT training, I learned about a wider aspect of gender. The relationship between gender and plant breeding and how it all connected to my work on traditional sorghum conservation intrigued me even more.

A special issue of the journal Sustainability presents results-oriented publications of gender-responsive agricultural approaches towards critical food crops in sub-Saharan Africa.

This year, the CGIAR’s Excellence in Agronomy partnered with GREAT to deliver gender- and youth-responsive training and integrate gender and youth considerations for more equitable and sustainable agronomic outcomes.