Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index

The WEAI is a composite measurement tool that identifies women's control over decisions about agricultural production, access to and decision making power over productive resources, control over use of income, leadership in the community, and time use. This report outlines the structure of the WEAI by explaining the Gender Parity Index, which reflects the percentage of women who are as empowered as the men in their households. It also details the five domains of empowerment outlined above. Initial survey results, as of 2012, note that in Uganda, gaps in women's empowerment are largest in leadership, time burdens, decision-making abilities over credit, authority over income, and group membership. In Guatemala, gaps in empowerment are largest with respect to access to credit, decision-making ability, and leadership. In Bangladesh, women have little control over resources, weak leadership, and lack of control over incomes.

International Food Policy Research Institute. 2012a. Women's Empowerment in Agriculture Index. Washington, D.C.: IFPRI.
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Working Paper
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