Promising Approaches to Address the Needs of Poor Female Farmers.

Quisumbing and Pandolfelli present a relatively short eight-page list of policy recommendations for approaches dealing with female farmers. They argue that culturally appropriate, labor saving technologies for women will be important for reducing women's time and energy burdens. Furthermore, initiatives focusing on markets should invest in interventions that address gender norms while increasing women's market access. They also outline a number of policy recommendations on credit and financial services, including encouraging women to enter high return sectors for higher returns to credit, designing loan packages for different needs throughout a woman's life cycle, protecting women's rights to their own savings, and using group liability as a collateral substitute. Finally, the article argues that approaches should organize women into groups to increase their control of project benefits. They should also emphasize benefits that matter to women and promote mechanisms that foster women's participation in groups. This is a useful source for discussions on gender issues in agriculture, particularly on land and water issues, access to varieties, technologies, and extension, and gender issues with labor, markets, and credits.

Quisumbing, A.R., and L. Pandolfelli. 2008. Promising Approaches to Address the Needs of Poor Female Farmers. Washington, D.C.: IFPRI.
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Working Paper
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