Perception and Management of Cassava Manihot Esculent Crantz

Elias, Rival, and McKey discuss how the Makushi subsistence economy and farming practices, food preparation, and cultural and social processes have affected cassava variety and genetic diversity in Guyana. Rival et al. conclude that, based on traditional management and various socio-cultural factors, varietals cannot be defined as separate entities but rather are defined by ‰ÛÏfluid and evolving processes‰Û that change varietals over time. This study provides an example of how socio-cultural factors can directly influence and affect agricultural practice.

Elias, M., L Rival, and D. McKey. 2000. ‰ÛÏPerception and Management of Cassava (Manihot Esculent Crantz) Diversity among Makushi Amerindians of Guyana (South America). Journal of Ethnobiology 20 (20: 239-265.
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Journal Article
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