Maize Market Participation among Female- and Male-Headed Households in Ethiopia

This paper examines the market participation gaps and their causes between female-headed households (FHHs) and male-headed households (MHHs) in Ethiopia using an Oaxaca-Blinder decomposition approach. The results showed that structural/coefficient effects accounted for 74 per cent (65%) of the differences between FHH and MHH in the net buyer (net seller) maize market positions. The gap between FHH and MHHs regarding quantities of maize sold was largely explained by endowment effects. The results imply that closing the observed market participation gaps will require policy interventions that facilitate equal access for both FHHs and MHHs to resources and other supportive social networks.

Kydd, J. (1989), Maize research in Malawi: Lessons from failure. J. Int. Dev., 1: 112–144. doi:10.1002/jid.3380010105
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