The feminisation of poverty and the feminisation of anti-poverty programmes: Room for revision?

Chant examines the construct of the "feminization of poverty" and notes that it has helped to give gender an "increasingly prominent place within international discourses on poverty and poverty reduction." However, the feminization of anti-poverty programs has done little to help women deal with poverty. Chant examines this quandary through four questions. First, Chant examines common conceptions of the feminization of poverty. Second, she asks what purposes have been served by the feminization of poverty, and the use of that particular term. Third, Chant examines analytical problems with the feminization of poverty. Finally, she asks how to make the feminization of poverty more relevant for women. She concludes that the feminization of poverty thesis needs to focus more in inputs, rather than incomes.

Chant, S. (2008). The ‰Û÷feminisation of poverty'and the ‰Û÷feminisation'of anti-poverty programmes: Room for revision?. The Journal of Development Studies, 44(2), 165-197..
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Journal Article
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