CGIAR Gender Scoping Study

Kauck et al. conduct a scoping study, noting that successful gender mainstreaming in the CGIAR system has relied on several elements. These include a shared understanding that is embedded in institution-wide gender mainstreaming policies and strategies; it also includes committed leadership, sufficient funding, sustained efforts to build staff capacity, and accountability to gender issues. The study notes that many of those elements have been missing from many of the CGIAR centers, despite vocal support for gender across the CGIAR system. The study finds that there are not enough gender experts in the CG system. This resource also includes definitions for a number of common terms, including gender mainstreaming, gender analysis, gender specific research, gender neutral approaches, gender aware approaches, and gender transformative approaches.

Kauck, D., S. Paruzzolo, and J. Schulte. 2010. CGIAR Gender Scoping Study. Washington, D.C.: CGIAR.
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Working Paper
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