Assessing Women's Empowerment: Towards a Conceptual Framework

Mosedale examines notions of empowerment, particularly for women and the poor, arguing that in order for women to be "empowered," they must first be considered "disempowered" or disadvantaged. If this is the case, then Mosedale suggests that discussions of power are critical to notions of empowerment and how we define empowerment. Mosedale also examines frameworks for assessing empowerment, and proposes her own. She states that identifying constraints to action, looking at power relationships, and identifying how women's agency changed constraints to action.

Mosedale, S. 2005. ‰ÛÏAssessing Women's Empowerment: Towards a Conceptual Framework.‰Û Journal of International Development 17(2): 243‰ÛÒ257.
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Journal Article
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