Analysis of gender roles within Chagga households that practice ripe banana street selling in Moshi Rural, Tanzania

Gender roles in most societies are classified based on culture-stereotypes which are socially constructed and can therefore be reconstructed. These roles affect household distribution of activities and performance as often division of household labour is based on gender. Therefore, this study analyzed gender roles within the Chagga households that were street sellers of ripe banana with the following specific objectives: (i) identify types of business found within Chagga households (ii) identify and analyze division of gender roles, and (iii) examine and establish how is access, benefits, and control of resources in the households. The study used a crosssectional design with a total sample size of 100 respondents. Questionnaire was structured based on gender analysis framework (GAF) while data were analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 20. Findings revealed that there were inequality on gender division of labour, access to and control of resources, position of women in society plus levels of participation in production activities. Men ranked high in terms of control and ownership of resources compared to women. However, all activities related to street selling of ripe banana were dominated by women for over 90%. Similarly, control and ownership of the business was under woman which is a rear tradition in patriarchy societies. Although ripe banana business found to be the major alternative source of income for households in the study area, on the other hand it was a burden to women. The business took almost a day as a result household chaos and agricultural activities were poorly performed. It is therefore recommended that ward community development officers in collaboration with village leaders should provide gender awareness education on fair division of activities and resources in the study area.

Minde, J. J. (2015). Analysis of gender roles within Chagga households that practice ripe banana street selling in Moshi Rural, Tanzania. Developing Country Studies. 9-16.
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