Women Farmers Adapting to Climate Change.

Abeka et al. outline four case studies on how climate change affects women farmers and how women develop coping mechanisms in response to climate change. Studies from India, Peru, and Kenya draw on interviews and focus groups with women. In India, researchers found that women are the first members of the household to deal with natural disasters or extreme weather conditions such as flooding and landslides. Women deal with these effects by attempting to choose varietals that will survive in the face of extreme weather.

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Case study
Abeka, S., S. Anwer, R. B. Huamani, V. Bhatt, S. Bii, M.B. Prissy, R.A Rejina, H.R. Senisse, and G.V. Soria. 2012. Women Farmers Adapting to Climate Change. Stuttgart: Diakonisches Werk der EKD e.V.