Video Testimonials - Why GREAT?

I'm a plant breeder, why should I care about gender?

Bright Boakye Peprah - Plant Breeder, Ghana

The importance of understanding and identifying gender-based constraints

Francois Iradukunda - Systems Scientist, Burundi

How the GREAT Training inspired me to become a gender-responsive agriculture researcher

Losira Nasirumbi-Sanya - Social Scientist, Uganda

If we don't study links between gender and agriculture we are missing the point

Lilian Nkengla - Gender and Natural Resource Management, Cameroon

How GREAT changed my thinking about gender-based constraints in agriculture

Losira Nasirumbi-Sanya - Social Scientist, Uganda

Considering gender inequalities as obstacles to development

Robert Kawuki - Plant Breeder, Uganda

Understanding The Reasons Behind Gendered Norms in Agriculture

Utoblo Grace Obaiya - Plant Breeder, Ghana

How the GREAT Course has changed my thinking about gender

Abolore Abdulrazaq Bello - Senior Research Supervisor, Nigeria

I've attended gender trainings before, why should I attend the GREAT Training?

Benedicta Frimpong - Agricultural Economist, Ghana

How has the GREAT course prepared you to work with social scientists?

Bright Boakye Peprah - Research Scientist, Ghana

The GREAT course has enriched my understanding of gender inclusion

Bonaventure Aman Omondi - Epidemiologist, Burundi

What does the GREAT course offer to gender specialists?

Tessy Madu - Gender Specialist, Nigeria

New tools and concepts for gender-responsive Research

Obaiya Utoblo - PhD student in Plant Breeding, Nigeria

What can the GREAT course do for you?

Reuben Tendo Ssali - Plant Breeder, Uganda

I'm an Entomologist, why should I care about gender?

Bonaventure Aman Omondi - Entomologist, Burundi