27 June 2017
By: Elizabeth Asiimwe, GREAT Project Management Team
By all standards, it was fruitful. Five technical report outputs, learning, networking, and adventure – all in just 8 days! In June 2017, members of the implementing team of the GREAT project convened a meeting at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The purpose of the meeting was not to discuss... more

22 June 2017
By: Losira Nasirumbi-Sanya, Research Officer at the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Ph.D fellow at Makerere University, and GREAT RTB Fellow
  My Ph.D. journey has been an eye opener to gender-responsive research. As a Doctoral student in Agricultural and Rural Innovation at Makerere University, my research has been aimed at understanding the social dynamics in Banana Technology Development (BTD) and implications for uptake. Results of... more

01 June 2017
By: Obaiya Utoblo, GREAT Fellow and PhD student at the West Africa Center for Crop Improvement (WACCI)
  GHANA: Being a participant in the GREAT Gender-responsive Root, Tuber and Banana Breeding training in September 2016 and February 2017 was an awesome experience. Through the training, I was exposed to a new perspective in agriculture and research – peering through the gender lens. This enabled me... more

03 May 2017
By: Francois Iradukunda, Bioversity International and GREAT RTB Fellow
  As one of the country’s most important crops for generating income and food for household consumption, in Burundi, banana is more than just another crop. “Banana is a green gold in our community, given the way it produces a regular income for households year-round,” according to a male farmer... more

21 March 2017
By: HIllary Mara, GREAT Graduate Student Assistant and Cornell University Master's in Public Administration Candidate
  After an intensive week covering topics including quantitative and qualitative data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and institutional change, 28 participants concluded Week 2 of the GREAT Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB) training and graduated with a certificate marking their newly acquired... more

06 March 2017
By: HIllary Mara, GREAT Graduate Student Assistant and Cornell University Master's in Public Administration Candidate
  AgShare.Today, in collaboration with Gender Responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation (GREAT), is pleased to announce a partnership with CABI Publishers to produce a special peer-reviewed journal issue solely focused on roots, tubers, and bananas (RTB) research in Sub-... more

14 February 2017
By: HIllary Mara, GREAT Graduate Student Assistant and Cornell University Master's in Public Administration Candidate
  Twenty-eight agricultural researchers from 11 project teams specializing in roots, tubers, and bananas (RTB), have arrived back in Kampala, Uganda for Week 2 of the GREAT training on gender-responsive agricultural research. Olamide Deboarh Olaosebika presents on her team’s field research in... more

31 January 2017
By: Peace Musiimenta and Brenda Boonabaana, GREAT Trainers, Makerere University
  Two key members of GREAT’s Makerere team, Peace Musiimenta and Brenda Boonabaana, recently received a high-level award for their work incorporating gender into a study of the impacts of development interventions on the human development of communities in northern Uganda following the cessation of... more

22 December 2016
By: Brenda Boonabaana, GREAT Trainer and Project Manager
As a GREAT mentor, I have had a wonderful opportunity to support GREAT participants through their journey of conducting gender research by sharing my knowledge, skills, experience and encouraging them along the way. I happened to have been matched with two wonderful researchers – Lilian Nkengla Asi... more

16 December 2016
By: Devon Jenkins, GREAT Trainer and Communications Director
As a small child in Uganda, Robert Kawuki farmed banana and cassava crops with his family, spawning an interest that still guides him today. “When I had an opportunity to come and work with a program that works on a crop I also grew when I was young, I got very interested, and [developed] a very... more