01 November 2017
By: Deborah Rubin, Cultural Practice, LLC
Deborah Rubin, standing, checks in on a group's work during the GREAT roots, tubers and bananas course It was in May 2014 that I first got involved in what has become the Gender-Responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation program or GREAT. I’d been invited to a gathering of... more

19 September 2017
By: Samantha Hautea, NextGen Cassava
ZOMBO, UGANDA – This October, researchers with the Next Generation Cassava Breeding project (NextGen Cassava) will launch their first gender-responsive participatory variety selection (PVS) trials in Uganda, after project researchers attended the GREAT Gender-Responsive Root, Tuber and Banana... more

29 August 2017
By: Kerry Mullins, GREAT Intern, and Devon Jenkins, GREAT Project Manager
As we wrapped up Week 1 of the Gender-Responsive Cereal Grains Breeding Course in Kampala, we caught up with three GREAT participants to see what inspired them to join GREAT, and get their impressions on the course so far. We'll feature additional voices in the months to come. To learn more about... more

09 August 2017
By: Kerry Mullins, GREAT Intern, and Devon Jenkins, GREAT Project Manager
For Lilian Nkengla, the start this week of the GREAT Gender-Responsive Cereal Grains Breeding course will be both familiar and completely new. As a participant in the first GREAT course last year, Nkengla, from Cameroon, worked alongside her colleague from the International Institute of Tropical... more

06 July 2017
By: Olamide Olaosebikan, Bello Abolore, and Owoade Durodola, International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) / GREAT RTB Fellows
  In Nigeria, the world’s largest producer and consumer of cassava, Vitamin A deficiency affects 30 percent of children under the age of 5 (World Health Organization estimates), resulting in reduced immunity, impaired vision, and, in some cases, even blindness and death. Furthermore, these health... more

27 June 2017
By: Elizabeth Asiimwe, GREAT Project Management Team
By all standards, it was fruitful. Five technical report outputs, learning, networking, and adventure – all in just 8 days! In June 2017, members of the implementing team of the GREAT project convened a meeting at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The purpose of the meeting was not to discuss... more

22 June 2017
By: Losira Nasirumbi-Sanya, Research Officer at the National Agricultural Research Organisation (NARO), Ph.D fellow at Makerere University, and GREAT RTB Fellow
  My Ph.D. journey has been an eye opener to gender-responsive research. As a Doctoral student in Agricultural and Rural Innovation at Makerere University, my research has been aimed at understanding the social dynamics in Banana Technology Development (BTD) and implications for uptake. Results of... more

01 June 2017
By: Obaiya Utoblo, GREAT Fellow and PhD student at the West Africa Center for Crop Improvement (WACCI)
  GHANA: Being a participant in the GREAT Gender-responsive Root, Tuber and Banana Breeding training in September 2016 and February 2017 was an awesome experience. Through the training, I was exposed to a new perspective in agriculture and research – peering through the gender lens. This enabled me... more

03 May 2017
By: Francois Iradukunda, Bioversity International and GREAT RTB Fellow
  As one of the country’s most important crops for generating income and food for household consumption, in Burundi, banana is more than just another crop. “Banana is a green gold in our community, given the way it produces a regular income for households year-round,” according to a male farmer... more

21 March 2017
By: HIllary Mara, GREAT Graduate Student Assistant and Cornell University Master's in Public Administration Candidate
  After an intensive week covering topics including quantitative and qualitative data analysis, stakeholder engagement, and institutional change, 28 participants concluded Week 2 of the GREAT Roots, Tubers, and Bananas (RTB) training and graduated with a certificate marking their newly acquired... more