13 December 2018
By: Holly Holmes and Clair Hershey, CGIAR Gender & Breeding Initiative
This blog was originally posted on the CGIAR Gender and Breeding Initiative website.  Over the past few decades, gender initiatives across CGIAR have created broad awareness among scientists about the need to consider the impact of new agricultural technologies on both men and women. However, even... more

15 November 2018
By: Eva Weltzien, GREAT Guest Lecturer
  It is not easy to relate specific breeding program targets or activities to a desired societal goal. Yet that is, at least in part, exactly what programs like GREAT set out to teach plant breeders to do. I recently had the opportunity to reflect on the linkage between breeding and social change... more

02 October 2018
By: Samantha Hautea, GREAT Communications Specialist
  How do you ensure that gender training curricula and trainers are really delivering greater adoption of gender-responsive research, and in a truly meaningful way? It’s a question that many projects face as they respond to a growing awareness of the central role that gender plays in shaping... more

25 September 2018
By: Francois Iradukunda, Bioversity International/GREAT RTB Fellow
  Perspectives on gender can change over time: this is true not only of society and culture, but of researchers as well. Throughout my professional career as an agronomist, it was not so easy for me to understand why a proven agricultural technology, once outscaled, would often fail to achieve the... more

27 July 2018
By: Devon Jenkins, GREAT Project Manager, Cornell University
Participants from the GREAT Gender-Responsive Legume Breeding course present initial research plans while Christine Leuenberger (center), from Cornell University's Science and Technology Studies Department, and Margaret Mangheni (right), from Makerere Unversity's College of Agricultural and... more

29 June 2018
By: Bernice Waweru, GREAT Cereal Grains Fellow
  The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative Technical Workshop, held between April 13 and 17 in Marrakesh, Morocco, was one-of-a-kind. The venue was quite scenic and beautiful, with an experience of a mix of languages and cultures that came together to form a great community of people to interact with and... more

29 June 2018
By: Bello Abdulrazaq Abolore, GREAT-RTB Fellow (IITA- Cassava Breeding Unit Gender team)
  Twenty-nine root, tuber and banana (RTB) researchers, both men and women from national and international research institutes in sub-Saharan Africa, were trained in Uganda in 2016 and 2017 as part of the Gender-responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation (GREAT) project. GREAT... more

25 June 2018
By: Samantha Hautea, GREAT Communications Specialist
  Evaluating the effectiveness of any program is complex, and particularly challenging for projects like GREAT, which seek to build skills and shift mindsets. For more insight into evaluation and impact assessment from the perspective of a donor, we spoke with Vicki Wilde, Senior Program Officer... more

28 March 2018
By: Dr. Madu Tessy, Olaosebikan O, Bello A, Owoade Durodola, and Justin M.
  It’s been a little over a year since the NextGen Cassava and HarvestPlus Nigeria team graduated from the GREAT Gender-Responsive Root, Tuber and Banana Breeding course (GREAT RTB). As GREAT RTB fellows, we were equipped to transform Africa’s agriculture by applying our gender lens. Eager and... more

23 March 2018
By: Bernice Ngina Waweru, KALRO-FCRC
The GREAT Gender-responsive Cereal Grains Breeding Course in Uganda surpassed my expectations. Week One was held in August 2018 and Week Two in January 2018. The experience transformed my thoughts about research and the driving force behind my efforts as a wheat breeder. My institute, the Kenya... more