Call for Papers: Special Issue on Roots, Tubers, and Bananas

Date posted: 
Monday, March 6, 2017
HIllary Mara, GREAT Graduate Student Assistant and Cornell University Master's in Public Administration Candidate


AgShare.Today, in collaboration with Gender Responsive Researchers Equipped for Agricultural Transformation (GREAT), is pleased to announce a partnership with CABI Publishers to produce a special peer-reviewed journal issue solely focused on roots, tubers, and bananas (RTB) research in Sub-Saharan AfricaCAB Reviews welcomes both original research and review articles on the latest research that can provide a useful and unique conclusion to help advance the field.

The CABI Special Issue will:

1) Promote RTB research in Africa, especially research taking place across national programs;

2) Codify research findings in one package in order to easily disseminate and highlight the importance of RTB work;

3) Provide all researchers, including junior scientists and current graduate students, with an opportunity to publish and experience the full peer review process;

4) Offer a publication opportunity to scientists who have significantly revised their research process using field survey apps or who have embarked on new ways of data collection and analysis, such as collecting sex-disaggregated data or data visualization.

5) Highlight emerging gender-responsive research, bringing due attention to the importance of gender issues in RTB research (an option for authors studying this area).

This issue will feature introductions by  Dr. Joseph Ndunguru and Dr. Hale Tufan.

All of the articles will be peer reviewed and published as open access in late 2017. CAB Reviews materials are indexed in CAB Abstracts, which is the world’s largest aggregator and indexer of agricultural science information.

Space in the special issue is limited!

We encourage you to join one of the upcoming “Ask us Anything” (AMA) sessions to learn more. These informational calls will take place on:
Thursday March 9th at 12 noon GMT  
(= 13:00 West Africa Time = 14:00 Central Africa Time = 15:00 Eastern Africa Time)

Wednesday March 15th at 09:00 GMT 
= 10:00 West Africa Time = 11:00 Central Africa Time = 12:00 Eastern Africa Time)

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If you are interested, please contact Caroline Beattie (; Skype: scriptoria_caroline) for the author guidelines to help you write in the correct style.

You may also contact Jaron Porciello (email:; Skype: jaron.porciello) for more information.