How much do GREAT courses cost?

GREAT courses provide a comprehensive package combining in-depth training in three phases (two intensive in-person training modules separated by a 4 to 5-month field research phase), mentorship, and a cohort-based model. This unique and holistic approach equips research teams to incorporate gender-responsive and community-centered research into their projects, and connects research teams to a broader community of practice and professional network, enabling them to continue their professional growth after the course.

GREAT is a fee-paying course. Please check with your institutional leadership for available funding. Scholarships are available; teams are encouraged to apply regardless of funding ability, though we strongly encourage any applying teams that are in need of scholarships to email GREAT at before submitting their application to discuss funding availability.

In exceptional instances where full teams are not able to apply, GREAT will consider individual applicants of merit, although individuals are discouraged from applying as they will not benefit from aspects of the training design and delivery which are tailored for teams. In such instances interested individuals are required to first contact GREAT directly (by sending an email to discuss their options, prior to completing an application. Individual applicants who are accepted may be asked to join another applicant team for classroom and field-based portions of the training.

Team participation is costed in packages (please see the above note about individual applications if you are interested in attending as an individual):

  • $5,500 for a 2-person team (excluding airfare to Uganda)
  • $8,000 for a 3-person team (excluding airfare to Uganda)

Course fees include:

  • Full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner) meals and lodging
  • 14-days of face-to-face professional training
  • Five-months of dedicated mentorship for each team
  • $1,000 field-research seed grant funding available upon successful completion of Week 1, to qualifying teams
  • $5,000 competitive field-research grants available at end of course for further research for publication
  • Access to the GREAT professional network by being admitted to the GREAT Community of Practice that links teams to relevant literature, conferences, further training events, webinars and opportunities to publish

Partial funding support is also available on a competitive and needs-based model (to be evaluated upon application).