Application for GREAT Course 3: Gender-responsive Legume Breeding (2018/2019)

IMPORTANT: Please read the following information in its entirety before applying.

Please note this is a team application form.

  • Team members should be part of an existing legume research project, in sub-Saharan Africa, for which they are seeking gender training together.
  • Project teams should submit one form jointly.
  • Teams must be interdisciplinary, combining at least one biophysical scientist (e.g., plant breeder) and at least one social scientist (e.g., sociologist, gender specialist, agricultural economist). Teams that do not consist of at least one of each will be required to substitute one of their participants to achieve the appropriate mix, or may be rejected.
  • All applying team members must be available to participate in both Week 1 (23 July-01 August, 2018) and Week 2 (14-18 January, 2019), in Kampala, Uganda.
  • In exceptional instances where full teams are not able to apply, GREAT will consider individual applicants of merit, although individuals are discouraged from applying as they will not benefit from aspects of the training design and delivery which are tailored for teams. In such instances interested individuals are required to first contact GREAT directly (by sending an email to to discuss their options, prior to completing an application. Individual applicants who are accepted may be asked to join another applicant team for classroom and field-based portions of the training.

While scholarships are available, GREAT is a fee-paying course.

  • Applicant teams are strongly encouraged to contact GREAT directly before applying if their attendance is dependent upon receiving a scholarship.
  • Course fees are costed in packages (please see the above note about individual applications if you are interested in attending as an individual):
    • $5,500 for a 2-person team (excluding airfare to Uganda)
    • $8,000 for a 3-person team (excluding airfare to Uganda)

The application deadline is 15 February 2018.

Information on course costs and logistics is available at:


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