Common challenges in gum arabic production and commercialization in West Africa: a comparative study of Cameroon, Niger and Senega

As gum arabic is widely used in food and non-food industries, demand is high all over the world. Still, smaller production countries in West Africa such as Cameroon, Niger and senegal seem to have so many difficulties producing and commercializing gum arabic that their market shares have declined significantly over the years despite their production potential. This paper reviews the development of the gum arabic market chains in Cameroon, Niger and senegal, in order to evaluate the limiting factors and identify appropriate strategies to the sector progress.

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Journal Article

Leveling the Field: Improving Opportunities for Women Farmers in Africa.

O'Sullivan et al. focus on the gender gap in productivity, providing more information on gender-based constraints to production in Sub-Saharan Africa. Based on information from survey data, they identify ten priority areas that will help to decrease the gender gap. These include: 1. strengthening women's land rights, 2. improving women's access to hired labor, 3. enhancing women's use of tools and equipment to reduce labor, 4. providing community-based child care centers, 5. encouraging women farmers to use more high-quality fertilizer, 6. increasing women's use of improved seeds, 7.

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Policy Brief